Since I can’t say it on Twitter

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I have been locked down before on Twitter, I have been there since 2010. Erroneous/suspicious reporting used to be the main thing. But over the past couple of weeks I was locked out twice for calling Gene Simmons, the self-proclaimed “God of Thunder”, a whore.

Was it the AI? Of course it was, right? Who would have a good reason to call someone on Twitter a whore? Well when it comes to pimping yourself out for money like Gene brags about doing constantly, who is a bigger whore than KISS’s bass player? Lunchboxes were just the beginning, coffins, condoms, Halloween costumes, nail files, coffee, liquor, beer and more were quickly to follow and the licensing will probably carry on for a hundred years.

Anyway, I am back and have opted to pay for a month of Twitter Blue to see if my engagement gets back to what it used to be in the old days before the shadow banning and de-emphasizing began. So if they do end up approving my blue check mark, that is the explanation for coughing up some cash for it.

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