No Comments on Emerging

I had put this site to bed for awhile. It happened around the time that Trump was elected and the rhetoric had become so unbelievably virulent that there was no point in airing any of my thoughts on the world or media. Why would I bother if discussion was not an option and the manipulation of my words and vilification of my personal thoughts was the target, not discussion?

After being more or less quiet and uninterested in sharing much of anything, I was moved to turn things back on and give it a shot again. I am older, hopefully more wise and like the rest of you I have survived.

The catalyst wasn’t the plague, the end of Trump’s presidency (at least this term) or the changes in my life. It was John Brennan. He moved the target of his vitriol from Trump supporters to Libertarians. To me. The final straw of sorts. So here I am, the Libertarian who took it personally. One of oh so many.

So as we as a country emerge from the pandemic, the tumult of the last 4 years, the lock downs (some of us) and our political pigeon holes… I too, emerge.

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