Are Muslims Snowflakes?

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When you make excuses for someone’s disgusting behavior it says a lot about you. It says you don’t think the person responsible is in fact, responsible.

Just after the terrorist attack in New York City on Tuesday the tweets and commentary began. It was a baffling call for people not to go out and begin attacking Muslims because we stupid Americans cannot be trusted to think. All non-liberal, non-big city residents are untrustworthy to refrain from attacking anyone who is or could be mis-labeled Muslim.

In the same breath they also say it is because of heated rhetoric that Muslims have committed acts of terror. So what they are saying is that Muslims are so triggered and oppressed in the USA that they cannot help themselves but to go commit mass murder in the name of their God.

This is the same mentality that the liberal group-think applies to all social problems. Black on black violence is due to white people exerting their privilege and driving them to commit crimes.

Do you see the pattern?

So tell me, do Jews face ridicule and hate for their religion? What about Christians, particularly in theocratic countries in the Middle East? What about the Tibetan Buddhists? Why do these other religions endure without calling a holy war against the rest of the world despite being attacked regularly and systematically?

Elitists believe that Muslims are too weak minded to keep from killing people in the name of their God. They think anyone who feels otherwise need to be silenced to prevent more terror. Then there are the believers in a radical and murderous subset of Islam believe their path to heaven is paved by destroying those who do not believe as they do.

These are two different but so eerily similar mindsets. They both believe in silencing critical thought of their respective beliefs.

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