Kneeling or Slight of Hand?

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I don’t give a fuck about these people kneeling in football.

You want to kneel during the US National Anthem to make a statement about something? Ok. It seems lame and has become more about virtue-signaling , but that’s just my opinion.

My first, visceral reaction is to be angry about it. I say “is” because each time it comes up I get that way. Mainly because I am what you may call classically patriotic.

But it also feels like it is a bunch attention seeking for individuals. It seems like most do not want to actually do anything that requires real effort or sacrifice to elicit any real improvement in our world.


I do give a damn about it being manipulated to further divide us and distract us from things that are truly important.

I do have a problem with the context of why individuals are making this gesture being hijacked.

I do have a problem with anyone who doesn’t like it being pigeonholed into one racist group or another.

I do have a problem with group think replacing individual opinions and mutual respect for each them (no matter how misguided we may think they are.)


The biggest problem here is clear and it is something we all should be united against:

The powers that be control us by pitting us against one another. You can think what you will about the appropriateness of the act, but please don’t forget that sewing seeds of discontent is how the elites keep us under their thumbs.


Would I kneel? No. I know what the flag means to me and I don’t see it as being a simple tool to be used for making a point.

But I also don’t care what my gut reaction is to others kneeling. I’m not going to jump on the outrage wagon on either side.

As a Libertarian I can’t justify any excuse to silence or punish another person for their opinions.

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