DACA: My Thoughts

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This is a simple one for me and should be for most rational people.

First, you know I am not a Trump guy. I have made that clear since well before the election and probably will tweet something confirming that position at some point today. But…

He did the right thing. No, not Obama but Trump. We cannot allow for a president to make laws. That isn’t something that the President of the United States of America can do under our Constitution. Period.

Do you want Trump making laws arbitrarily? No. POTUS is a position similar to a CEO of a company and Congress is the Board of Trustees. The board puts forth the will of the shareholders and votes. The CEO then runs the business based on those decisions. Only dictators make laws without a representative body.

This is on Congress. They screamed and cried when Trump said this was going to happen because they didn’t want it on their legislative record. Get it? Sure they may be heartsick of the idea of throwing 800,000 people into limbo but they are most sickened of what they will now have to do. Put a bill forward, vote on it and live with the consequences.

Trump is an asshole. But that also means he can make difficult decisions despite his personal feelings and the political fallout.

What I Want to See

We cannot make decisions based purely on emotion just as we cannot make them without any empathy. So here is what I would like to see.

  1. The 800,000 people given the opportunity to apply for full citizenship with a preferred status if they have no serious criminal offenses.
  2. Those serving in the military should be given full citizenship upon honorable discharge from their military service.
  3.  Allow those who choose not to apply for full citizenship to apply for worker VISAs grandfathered in due to their status at the time the new law is passed by the Congress and ratified by the President.
  4. As of the order that Trump rescinded today, those here currently (and can prove residence as of today) may apply during the next six months. Then it is over. No one may come in today or any day forward and apply for this special status.

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