#ObamaCare = #TrumpCare = #DontCare

Its All About Money, In Their Pockets

Remember this Republicans?

If you ever forgot that Dems and Repubs are the same, look at the healthcare nightmare they just presented. They are not for us folks, they are for themselves and their donors. Period.

This is why they hid this process from Rand Paul. The Republicans (and I suspect some colluding Democrats) devised this ‘plan’ behind a closed door with an armed guard in front of it. A sitting Republican Senator, Rand Paul, was allowed in the room. This was clearly done because Paul is a a Libertarian in a Republican disguise (just as Senator Bernie Sanders is a socialist in a Democrat disguise). Clearly the ‘transparent’ process that the Republicans had been crowing about wasn’t anything like that at all.

I would surmise that it wasn’t a process at all. I am confident that this plan was something they had in their back pocket all along, concocted in collusion with their Dem partners in crime.

It’s Us Against Them

Let’s get something really clear right up front. These people are elected by the citizenry of the United States of America, but they are bought and paid for by the lobbying groups that surround every component of their lives not the least of which is the mighty healthcare lobby.

They want us divided against one another, arguing ‘Republican’ versus ‘Democrat” and “Conservative” versus “Liberal”. Stop it you sheep. It is we the
people against them, the puppets of major industry. If they were there to do what we want as a people, what is best for us then why can they not address the core issues effecting our healthcare problems?

Core Issues Causing Healthcare Problems

1. Tort reform concerning medical malpractice.

  • The people making money from the abuse of medical malpractice claims are attorneys.
  • Commercials for malpractice claims dominate TV, print, and billboard advertisements. Do you think that is because people are seeing big money for legitimate malpractice, or because the attorneys make a killing and want to make more?
  • It is couched as a way for people to make a quick buck with the
    promise that it doesn’t effect the doctor or hospital being sued, just their insurance. That is false, patently so. 

2. Allow for interstate sale of healthcare coverage. 

  • Why would you not be allowed to purchase a contract for services from a company in a neighboring state if there wasn’t a financial motivation behind it for someone?

3. Eliminate the restrictions and bureaucratic governmental red-tape from medical practices.

  • The burden placed on private practice physicians by the ACA (ObamaCare) led to bankruptcy and financial insolvency for hundreds of them.
  • Doctors are being chased out of private practice and pushed into retirement or being owned by giant hospital systems. Centralizing medicine to be controlled by the healthcare giants and the Federal Government.
  • When employed by hospitals and giant medical systems physicians lose the autonomy to do what is best for their patients
  • Federal regulations push doctors (particularly younger ones and those just coming out to practice) into an employed physician relationship with a hospital or hospital system.

They #DontCare:

The plan put forward by the Republicans is lipstick on the rotting corpse of a Democrat pig called ObamaCare. It’s all a charade to keep us divided while they are working together, against us for themselves.

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