Want to Dismiss Any Disagreement, Blame White Men

I have no delusions of changing anyone’s mind about anything on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or just chatting face to face. After all, who am I to tell someone else what to believe? But there is an unnerving trend, an ‘argument’ that every liberal and SJW in the world thinks is a mic-drop discussion ender. Dismiss my opinions, theories, and even simple facts by saying that I see things this way because I am a scourge on the Earth, a white male.

The type of  people who advocate for safe spaces, cultural tolerance and the like have no problem lumping “white males” into a group and throwing them off a tall bridge. They also feel it is equally ok to laugh as they fall, point and chuckle as they splatter all over the pavement, and say they deserved it because of their race and gender.

Doesn’t it seem odd that it is now perfectly acceptable to speak down to,  marginalize, and label an entire segment of the population as “the problem.” Contemporary liberal think dictates that there is no value to a specific segment of the population based on their gender and skin color. 

There have been other groups over time that have been accused of being “the problem.” But if you are left leaning it is perfectly ok to put only one group of people into a box and define their collective use, uselessness, and existence. God forbid a non-lib were to make a disparaging remark about a person who might be outside of this defined category. Just the mere fact that a person might speak poorly of someone who is not a white male. Immediately you are a racist, sexist, xenophobe or countless other “ists.”

I’d prefer no group of people were treated that way, along with the overwhelming majority of libertarians I know. Meanwhile most Democrats and Republicans see stereotyping as a totally justified notion.

Trump people, Hillary people, Stein people, whatever you are drawn to politically I have one simple request. Be more thoughtful and introspective than you oft times seem.

Let’s get this straight. As for Hillary and Trump, these are not good people. They just aren’t. I don’t care who is less or more ‘bad’ in your view. They are bad people. They use lies, manipulation and division as their primary tools to achieve their end goal.

You can be cynical and say “that’s politics.” No, it really isn’t. Politics and the people involved in politicking have made it into this form of subversive behavior. It is being done by bad people working the political system to gain personal benefit.

It is embarrassing.

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