TV’s ‘Dead Zone’ is Now.

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I am here to clearly state that this is without a doubt the worst time of the year for television viewing. I end up watching even more movies this time of year than normal.

Think about it, the news cycle is obnoxious as clearly shown by the two current top stories. Under or deflated footballs in the @NFL and of course the white death approaching the north-east. Clearly we know that this football pressure issue is about New England (northeast USA) and the ‘historic’ winter storm (of which @CKLouis just emailed about saying “… ‘historic’ which…. Well I didn’t know you could call a thing historic if it hasn’t happened yet” means dick to 98% of the world. In fact it probably means less to even more people. I am sure people in places like Zambia or Ukraine don’t even know about either.

Of course though @CNN went wall to wall on both of these things, as they seem to do these days. What about the coverage of various plane crashes that we watched them beat a dead horse to death a few times over. Not that they were the only ones doing it, obviously.

But I digress, the bigger idea is that the @NFL season is over but for the “Big Game” (god-forbid you say ‘Super Bowl’ or @NFLCommish will swoop in and have attorneys with cease and desist orders.) Yes, many of the TV shows are returning for their second half of the season but there is nothing worth watching that lasts more than 42 minutes (#FF through commercials of course.) The @NBA is completely un-watchable anymore unless you are a kid who grew up watching people playing poorly and without fundamentals, or have the mentality of a kid and just enjoy drunks and lay-ups.

Yes, the @NHL is in full swing… but seriously the only interesting development is a bunch of un-vaccinated Canadians graciously giving the mumps to everyone they come into contact with. Can you even name more than 5 NHL teams without Googling? Anyway my Devils are sucking balls, possibly deflated ones. What about hollowed out pucks, or ones with a lead core?

Oh then there is men’s @NCAA college basketball. Too much baggage there for me to really watch, plus once you get to know a guy’s name and game they are gone to the black hole of the @NBA. All I have to say is fish-net pantyhose, broken leg, losing a great coach for a damned worthless ginger… ok. Enough. I am too depressed to type anymore.

Fuck the ‘Dead Zone’ of the television viewing season.

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