More Thoughts on Adrian Peterson

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So as more has come to light, it looks like AP swatting his (multiple) kids from various mommas is looking more like a type of pattern. I’ve known the belt, a switch, a hand, a fist. In no way do I condone any of those things. “Old fashion” discipline is something I am fully versed in, multiple forms.

Look at this… last time you disciplined your kid did it look like this? Bad thing.BxXiI_2CIAAhy5D

You want blame here? Honestly? Think about it. Are there any indications that AP is a ‘bad’ person? He is merely what he was conditioned to be from his upbringing and his social structure or lack thereof. Not an excuse, just the hard truth.

AP is a gifted athlete, not someone who knows the better part of how to be a parent. Just as Ray Rice has no real way to understand what is expected of a man. [2 points: a. beating women in that way is wrong b. I’m not excusing his behavior] Those things being said the SIMPLE fact is, when we talk of white trash/black trash/etc we are talking about those who had nothing but the environment around them to influence their behavior.

LET US BE HONEST: ZERO legitimate structure to your life as a child and the shitty people around you defining your basis for behavior is most likely to result in someone who cannot have a solid background to define who they are no matter what the @NFL and one of my least favorite people @NFLCommish (aka Roger Goodell) do about it.

Why is the black incarceration rate so high versus others? Does it coincide with the absence of black fathers (like AP?) How many shitty white parents do I know, that did terrible things to their children… too many. A great deal with absentee fathers. They tend to turn out the same way. So what is the great difference?

ANSWER: Some people are born exceptional and can rise above it. They are not unaffected, but they can fight through it. They CHOOSE to fight through it. Some people are exceptional athletes, some are exceptional thinkers, and some are exceptional at coping and understanding.

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