Enough About Ray Rice, Again… et al

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On July 25th, I said to shut the fuck up about Ray Rice. Remember?

I stand by that statement. Shit is swirling around the NFL like an F-5 tornado through a pig farm.

We all know that the league decided to suspend him indefinitely after the elevator video came out, BECAUSE the elevator video came out. It wasn’t a sudden change in conscience or a clearer understanding of “I punched the bitch in the face” was made after seeing it on a 5 fps security video.

Seriously here people. Then this shit gets parlayed into what is going on with Adrian Peterson. Let us just get this straight here and now. AP got enough shit for being an absentee parent, then he gets it for going all in to punish his 4 year old. So AP gets suspended for the week 2 game, and as of Monday morning he is magically re-instated. Wha?

Do you realize that he was indicted after they put the accusation in front of a SECOND grand jury? What? Was the DA going to keep presenting the case to a new jury until he/she got the result they wanted? Well, I think it seems like a big ole yes there.

Then there is the ‘outrage’, do me a favor and shut the fuck up. Crying over Ray hitting that woman, over Adrian hitting his son with a switch, over mommy and daddy issues the commentators have. Worse still would be the ones who have no abuse in their history, who think they have to respond the same way they think someone who did would behave. Stop. Just stop. It is fucking embarrassing.

Did Ray Rice fuck up, yes. Do you haul off an hit a tiny woman when you are built like Fort Knox, no. Has every man on the planet thought about smacking the shit out of some mouthy drunk bitch, yes.  Would I want Adrian Peterson gone if he had genuinely beat his kid, yes. Gone and in jail.

Let me ask you a few simple questions. Is this about the NFL or is this about the state of the moronic tempest being stirred up by TMZ for ratings? Is this about people caring about domestic violence or caring about it because it is dragging people with the blessing of ‘celebrity’ down?

Finally, what if this effort was put into the people who deal with this all over the USA every damned day who are not celebs?


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