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So today is the day. “The Anthony Cumia Show” spawned from “The Opie and Anthony Show” following @SiriusXM deciding to fire Ant after he was attacked while taking scenic photos during the late night hours in New York City. He was fired not for the photos, or being attacked, but taking to Twitter to rant about what had happened to him. It seems that you cannot be angry after being targeted for being a “white mutha-fucka” by a black woman and a group of black men who decided to jump in knowing nothing of the situation other than they were coming to aid the woman who was pummeling Ant while he refused to fight back and protect himself.

ant_cumia_showThat is now, seemingly water under the bridge or Guinness out of the tap. So we are now faced with SXM having the Opie and Jimmy show… and Ant doing his own thing streaming an afternoon show at Not sure if you have listened to the the SXM show much since Ant was kicked to the curb (and on it). It is a strange thing to listen to although @JimNorton and @OpieRadio are doing their best. It isn’t that Anthony made them better, it is that the show was a cohesive and oft times well oiled machine despite being hamstrung by SXM over the years.

Today we get to hear what Anthony has made by polishing his one time hobby time show (which was free). The fee schedule is as follows:

1 Month: $6.95
6 Months: $32.95
12 Months: $59.95

Will it be worth it? I hope it is. Personally I am starting with the 1 month plan. I figure that will give me time to figure out my feelings on it. I will be curious how it will fit into my schedule, but I believe it will be a better live time for me since I always listened to O&A on replay. Part of that is being in the central time zone, and the other part is my hatred of early morning activity (apart from sleeping.)

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