The Truth is NEVER What You See… From the Government

I have no idea what the country has come to at this point. Do you? If you feel you have an idea, you either know the mess things have become or that you believe that our government has a clue or gives a fuck as what we as citizens feel or believe. Did you bother listening or watching the hearings on the IRS mess? What about Benghazi? What about the “administration” (Obama) and the mess with ISIS or whatever you choose to call it, just as CNN? Then of course there is Jay Carney and his ability to lie on command as he has for his ‘savior’. #Fail

Damn, GHW Bush was hard enough to defend for people how the hell does the broadcast media (and little known MSNBC)?

Catch a clue, remove your bumper stickers and let us clean house (well the Senate) this election.

Oh… I failed to mention the tragic and possible killer of our way of life. Did I fail to mention the obliteration of our controlled free market system and the impact of our #POTUS’s pet principal of Obamacare?

Problems? Eat a bag of dicks.

Your friend, no matter how much you hate me –


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