Penny Dreadful, not so..

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I am seriously enjoying Showtime’s new series “Penny Dreadful.” It is named after a British publication from the 1900s which depicted serials about bad people, things and the like (so sayith the Wikipedia) but abridged by myself.

This show is an incorporation of many of the characters from classical gothic literature, including Dracula, Dorian Gray, and Frankenstein… Et al. This is an ingenious way to bring classic literature, the darker side in particular. Brilliant, I would love to think people would watch this and be drawn to READ the classics, or a classic, or a Cliff’s Notes version of just one?

Alas I am probably, likely, pissing in the wind when hoping people an read or are even bothering to watch this show.

With that I say, yes my hope for humanity dwindles and is lessened daily.

Watch the show, 8/10.

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