Google Glass Update: Odd Fix

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As I had related before I was having problems with getting voice recognition beyond the “ok glass” prompt. The next menu was useless without using the hand controls. After a few emails back and forth with Glass Support (where they were making sure I wasn’t a total moron) they made a weird suggestion.

It wasn’t explained, but I was asked if I had installed “Strava Cycling” which is something I had not installed. My first thought being that app might have a tendency to fuck up the voice recognition. However… they WANTED me to install it. I wasn’t sure why, still am not sure. So I created a “Strava Cycling” account and installed it as instructed. Of course I was thinking this seemed like a peculiar ‘fix’ or more of a work-around.

Alas, it worked. I am floored. Also happy to be able to get out and use Google Glass while out at Mardi Gras festivities. More updates as I continue to work through this thing.

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