Google Glass: My First Impression

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Well, I received my Google Glass today… and while it seems to do an okay job of recognizing the ‘Ok Glass’ wake up command, anything beyond that seems to be a bit difficult. Now I do have a very low voice, but I have tried changing pitch, cadence, tempo, you name it to very little success. At this point I have the ability to use my voice commands about twice.

The wink activated photo taking seems to work fairly well and the resolution on the camera does a fine job. Otherwise most of my success have involved using the touch commands that you can use on the larger side of the frame of the glasses.

The resolution on the camera does well for photos and video, although like with most cameras (particularly digital ones) avoid back-lighting at all costs. If you don’t avoid it, you will end up with a blown out image… without a doubt. Oddly enough the speech recognition for Google searches and the like seem to pick up my voice very well.

So goes my first few hours with my new Google Glass.

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