Laugh-In: Incognito & Martin = Rowan & Martin

The Miami Dolphins is a team that is undeniably a remarkable franchise that has a storied history. Makes you wonder what Don Shula must be thinking, doesn’t it? Or does it?

The fact is that we really know very few things at this point about this mess in south Florida. Here is what I seem to have gathered as this afternoon:

– Rowan, I mean Incognito has been suspended indefinitely from his job.

– Martin quit the team.

– Incognito has made one public statement, saying more or less that it will work out.

– Martin is getting mental healthcare.

– Incognito has a history of being thrown off both university and professional football teams due to his behavioral issues.

– Martin’s attorney released a transcript of a seemingly threatening voice-mail… that multiple sources have said did not include Incognito saying something to the effect of ‘call me back, ok?”

– Incognito and Martin were “besties”, taking pictures with fans while they were in New Orleans (#NOLA) for a game, as well a carriage ride.

The Dolphins’ players have overwhelmingly come out backing the presumed “bad guy” Incognito.

There is something big missing here. It is kind of the way that astronomers determine where black holes are out there in space. They see things like light, planets, comets, etc moving in a way that indicates the intense gravity of the black hole.

So what is the black hole around which all these people are moving? It seems to be bigger than just protecting the ‘sanctity’ of the locker room. This feels far bigger than that.

I think this involves something more personal. Something neither side wants revealed to the world. Maybe they were involved in more than a football relationship? Think of the thrusting of something like maybe a homosexual relationship gone bad between two #NFL football players, particularly offensive linemen.

This is pure supposition on my part but, there seems to be a big elephant in the room… a pink one.

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