Reflections on July 4th, 2013

Our country has endured more trying time than these, even when seeming as divided as we appear to be at this point. It is we as parents, as believers in the dream, the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I think though that most importantly the sincere belief that another US President, John F. Kennedy, eloquently put that we should not think of what our country should do for us but that we should do for our country. In my opinion that includes ourselves and our fellow Americans. We must work hard to teach those who are being corrupted by entitlement and a shameful disrespect for the rights of others and what it means to be a proud American, not an egotistical one nor egalitarian.

Our country is divided, and we are allowing it to be done by people whom we do not know and who if we met in person would be more likely to punch than discuss things over a beer or cocktail. There is an elitist element that is undermining our faith in one another and our belief in America as a country, and as a country. We have ideals, we have so much to offer as individuals, imagine if we could come together as one large community, citizens, to make things right.

American FlagHandouts can be necessary when hard times befall us, but they cannot be a way of life. When we see someone down, we lift them up. When that one is lifted up, it elevates us all.

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