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Grandstand Post-Explosion

I will not make any attempt to find any words to describe the events of April 15th, 2013 that have not already been overused, since even the best wordsmiths of our time are unable to come up with them. So I apologize in advance for words like cowardice, terrorism, pointless, horrific, evil, and others.

What happened was fairly simple. Right? Two bombs exploded. At the most basic level, that is what happened. Now add the next layer, that these bombs were exploded in a crowd of civilians in the United States. There were two bombs that exploded in a crowd of civilians in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States who were attending a sporting event that didn’t just involve professional athletes but average people from all over the world.

With that being said, what could the point be? Some believe it was the US Federal Government. I won’t mention them specifically, but if you want to find them you can search the internet and find them quickly. Others say it must be some radical Muslim group who hates ‘America’ for what they feel we stand for or in some cases things for which we don’t stand. Then there is the ‘Lone Wolf’ concept, someone pissed at the world, just a sociopath, mentally ill or a combination of those. Then there is the domestic terrorism concept, where some American/s wanted to make a point. Actually that was my gut reaction oddly enough. I hate the idea that it was the first thing I thought of, but it is the state of our unhealthy Union.

USS Constitution

Another thought I had was “wouldn’t this be an interesting time for North Korea to launch one or both of those missiles.” Followed shortly by, would they do this? April 15th is a serious holiday there and they even had a marathon in Pyongyang on the 15th. (remember they are ahead of us time-wise.)

The domestic terror point… Tax Day 2013… Boston (home of one of the most famous tax protests ever (Boston Tea Party)… The War Ship “The Constitution” (named by George Washington) has Boston as its home port. Some misguided, disgruntled soul trying to make a point?

Do I have a point?


Intentionally so. Because that is what this bombing was, pointless.


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