We Used to Only Do This to Foreigners…

Remember when we heard that we (the USA) launched a missile into Gaddafi’s bedroom window back when Regan was President? At that time do you recall ever thinking that the window could be yours? As a US citizen? By your own duly elected government?

My the times are changing… particularly with Barry in office. Drones. No… not the tedious, monotone, orations that we hear on the floor of our Congress, but the preferred weapon of choice by our Commander and Chief. Damn, we love to blow up ‘HVTs’ (high value targets)… some ass that funded the bombing of an embassy or smuggled weapons into a non-‘friendly’ country. Then, it became clear we could blow up anyone associated with ‘terrorism’… damn, have any idea what are considered terrorist organizations? Might be worth looking at, you may very well be involved with one and not know they are on the new, improved, Barry-list.

Boom. Dead. Over. Collateral damage (civilians, people uninvolved, human beings close to the ‘target’ when the decision is made to make them into bits of tissue and blood)… that is just part of how it goes. Almost like playing Call of Duty¬† in hardcore mode, right? You are blasting away at people (living breathing people) who are represented by avatars on the screen and you hit one of your guys. What if COD had civilians running around. Wait, I am sure the US government would not allow that to be depicted in a fictional representation… right? Only in the real world.

However, according to our Attorney General Eric Holder it is perfectly acceptable in the real world not only abroad but on US Citizens on US soil. Here is a fine article about this confirmation by the far right leaning CNN… umm, oh wait. Ummm… No. Here read this.

CNN’s Article on Killing US Citizens while in the US if the President decides to do so.

All of you who were pissed off about water-boarding, what do you think about the concept of being blown up while having dinner in your home because you are on a Presidential ‘kill list”?

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