The Journal News: Turnabout is Fair Play

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TJNI cannot believe the idea that ‘The Journal News’ would publish what is basically a guide to where to break into houses to steal guns. That is part of what I feel they have done publishing the information on gun permit holders home addresses in New York State”s Westchester and Rockland counties in their paper in a stunt to try and get their nearly bankrupt rag some free press coverage.

It is also curious to think a paper would do this, something that is done to CONVICTED CRIMINALS in particular those guilty of sex crimes. So tell me, what crime is it to have a legal gun permit? What is the only reason for them to publish this? I would say again, to get free press by pissing off a nation by violating our rights and right to privacy, as well as to push the tide of the anti-gun sentiment that they want us to believe is spreading in our country.

Let me be clear, I do not buy the idea that there is such a tide. Those of us who are pro-freedom, privacy, and self-responsibility far outweigh the small minded minority who are compelled by knee-jerk reactions. I also feel that these people see the ‘in-crowd’ as being expected to go along with certain liberal agendas, and if you aren’t with them on everything, then you are against them on everything. This is what happens when people lose their sense of self.

Here is how you can tell them how you feel, you can even mail them a letter to their homes if you would like.





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