Assasin’s Creed III: First Impressions

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Well, I had been anticipating this game more than normal. Having played everything in the series and enjoying them as much as I have over the years I had high hopes.

I am not disappointed at this point but I do have some gripes.

– This really has the feel of being pushed out the door WAY too quickly. I have been stuck inside trees, had my horse standing there looking like a creepy demon in a horror movie, flying assassinations that turn into just jumps, many other things.

– The character is SOOO much less interesting than Enzio, and is basically a whining brat who needs to be put in time out.

– Some of the missions make no sense… Example: If you blow up a weapon’s cache and kill a commander of a fort you can raise a flag and immediately ‘capture it’?

– I hate the horse. If it had just a tiny bit of AI you wouldn’t waste 3 minutes trying to get it to move around objects.

I am not saying this is a bad game, far from it. It is a bit of a let down, yes. There is a lot of running around (since the horse blows), doing feather collecting (again), getting ‘trinkets’ for some old peg legged guy, and Connor is just not as smooth to fight with as Enzio ever was.

Despite that, I continue to play. Hoping for the best.

A update was put out this morning and I am hoping it was more for single player mode than multi… but I doubt it.

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