When Did Getting Up at 7AM Begin to Ruin My Entire Day?

Generally people have optimum sleep cycles, many varying from person to person. There are ‘night owls’ / ‘morning people’ and many things beyond and between. Sure there are medical conditions that can effect the way you sleep. But we are speaking in broad terms here.

What I cannot understand is why I cannot for the life of me get up before 8-830am without feeling like shit for the rest of the day. I am a night person, always have been. Ideally I would be in bed about 2am and up around 10am. 8 hours of good sleep, but just off of what is expected in the ‘normal’ daily routine of an adult.

I have had day tripper jobs where I had to be in at 8 (mostly while in TV) and others when it was afternoon (radio) and even others where things didn’t really start going until 6pm at night (music). However if you tell someone you sleep until 10am they look at you as if you aren’t worth shit to the world and are a lazy bum. I think that is patently inaccurate, but that is why ‘societal norms’ get you.

Same way with piercings. I have a few big holes in my ear lobes which are pretty obvious to spot. Again ‘societal norms’ lead people to make certain assertions about you due to those things. Worse still are the dreaded tattoos, which oddly enough have become more acceptable than either being a late sleeper or having artificial holes in your body.

Hairstyles do the same thing for people, being a long-haried guy with a long goatee… lets just say people don’t expect that I have advanced degrees, make money, or even eat with utensils.

But all those things have to do with other people’s perceptions and honestly I just don’t care. If you walk up and chat with me I am a nice guy no matter how menacing I look.  My question is, since when can I not get up in the morning and function properly? Age? Disease? Laziness? General malaise?

I am falling asleep typing this, I am going to go take a nap.

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