Response to the Grammys 2012 – Watching? You’re Part of the Problem

Quoting a song by Cold:

“They trust the way they feel in their minds. It’s time for us to scream. They think they’ll change your life, and control your mind. They can’t relate to real life.

Sick of all this monotony! Kill the fucking music industry!”

If you are watching the Grammys you are supporting the worst of what there is in the music industry and the corporate entities that produce garbage. That garbage is then fed to the average schmuck and they eat it as if it were soilient green.

Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent… they all are meant to feed the machine and keep you believing that is what talent is, what musicianship is. Well, it isn’t. Want to be a sheep following the Judas goat into the chute, keep it up.

If not, support independent artists and musicians as well as those who do their best to bring them to you!

They neglect to acknowledge Etta James in the obit segment (from what I am told) and yet they do a full tribute to Whitney Houston?

Fuck the music establishment, kill the fucking music industry.

Boycott the Grammys.


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