My Blogging Malaise

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So the thing is, you make a point of blogging not merely to vent the pressure from your cranium but to try and provide something that entertains and or informs others. If you blog for the sake of blogging purely to vomit out your own shit, you can do that in a private journal. Those who blog about highly personal things, to me, do so because they are starving for attention.

Ok, get shitty. Fine. The problem here is that I am speaking the truth. With me, I am finding it difficult to consistently blog for the sake of doing it for my own public venting of private feelings. In fact I don’t really do that with my blogs. I deal with my shit in my own head on my own.

The problem is that getting anyone to participate or even read the ones I put a lot of attention into has proven to be nearly impossible. There is so much noise, so many blogs, so many people venting personal shit that people enjoy due to being voyeurs (as am I) that other types of blogs by anonymous voices in the dark are mainly ignored.

So I encourage all the people who are not reading this to enjoy those pointless blogs, relate to those poor lost souls. If you are reading this, congratulations you are my kind of person. Like it, or not.

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