#OccupyWallStreet is Bullshit… Don’t be a sheep, be a leader.

Ok I will say this once. The people involved in the union and socialist backed ‘occupy Wall Street’ mess need to consider these things.

1. Obama gave the money to the big corporations to bail them out, and he and his administration are not your ally but are co-conspirators.

2. To make a change, call your representatives and elect representatives who are for simplifying the tax code to the point that a 8th grader could fill out a tax return.

3. If you want the government to give you jobs and money, then you want to live in a socialist state. Period. That is socialism, ask a Russian and go stand in a bread line.

4. People who work hard should be rewarded for their efforts, people who refuse to work and make excuses why they cannot work (being most of those who are on long term welfare hand outs) should not expect to be rewarded equally.

5. There multiple documented instances of people at these things that are being paid to be there by various groups and in many cases their employers.

6. An increase in government intervention into our live is not the ticket to salvation, it is the ticket enslavement.

7. Depend on yourself and your community, not the federal government. As JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” It is still true to today, even as we have moved more towards a socialist state.

8. Big business has to make money to support their employees, you know people who work for a living. They will hire more and expand capital expenditures if they are not being crushed by federal regulations, not if you throw shit onto a police car.

9. I was told Saturday night by someone supporting this mess “who would want to live under principles put down by rich people a few hundred years ago anyway.” She also told me she refuses to read or watch any news because it “depresses” her. She is moving to South Korea, a place she told me is much more of a “real democracy.” These are your compatriots.

10. Finally, there is no one in their right mind who thinks the way things are being done in the US are great. However, if you want to address the ones making the problems then I suggest people gather around governmental offices and use their cell phones to call their elected representatives to voice their concerns instead of taking pictures of themselves and others and posting them on twitter and Facebook as if trying to prove to the world that you are somehow better than those who are not.

* As an aside, if you want to be backed by Nancy Pelosi then I personally think you have completely lost your mind. She is part of the problem. Also, be more careful who you vote for, and go read up on your history to see what comes along with socialism and communism. It is not desirable. ie. North Korea, the USSR, etc.


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