My Apologies to TreyArch

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After complaining about Call of Duty #BlackOps more or less since it came out and mostly taking it out on TreyArch who also gave us #COD World at War… I have tried a two other first person shooters with online collaboration.

First I was playing Homefront. I liked the main body of the game, but found the online mode to be a bit sterile. The main concept in succeeding in the online component was to sit off range and shoot anything that walked into range. The weapons were limited and there was no real reward for success. So I would play that for about 2 weeks. Mainly leaving Black Ops on the shelf. I ended up playing and beating the game (the offline part) in normal and hard modes, but was bored so didn’t try it in ‘Gorilla’ mode.

I had also played and beaten Alice during this time, alternating off and on with the two. Alice was great actually, a few little glitches but very trippy and an enjoyable game. Once I had conquered ‘Wonderland’ I sent it back to @GameFly and received this disappointment, “Operation Flaspoint: Red River.”

Operation Flashpoint: RR had me at first with the local play. With the interface being nothing like the COD one, it took some getting used to. However upon entering the first Humvee and hearing Megadeth playing… I thought there was real potential. Then Pantera came along and various other favorites. There is a lot of cursing which is cool and more realistic, which I like. But the gameplay sucked.

So I tried the online version of the game… same shitty interface but with no real point to what was going on. Enemies are little black shadows here and there that might be visible if the brightness on your TV is set at 100%, but even more annoying is that whomever is the ‘game leader’ can start and restart and quit and go back to checkpoints and you are just dragged along with them. Not to mention there just aren’t many gamers playing to begin with so most of the time you have at least one AI in your fire team.

So, with all that being said I have to apologize for my constant ranting about how I cannot wait until the next COD comes out which is from the competing development team and how much I hate spawn kills, the Famas being like a super weapon, the game seeming to give more attention to spraying bullets as fast as possible and not accuracy… etc.

Wait. Apology withdrawn. Black Ops can suck right along with the others I mentioned, it just doesn’t suck as much.

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