Summer Laziness: Currently Watching

I must apologize for having been quiet since my last post about the death of Ryan Dunn. I have no real excuse. It honestly seems as if the heat of NOLA has come in late but in full force and it tends to make me slow down mentally and spend more time in the pool.

However, the AC works well in the house so I will try to be a better blogger and not just be a lazy ass blogger.

I actually have had a few topics that I was gung ho about writing on, but they were coming late in the evening and I would go on to bed and wake up much less passionate about my rant.

I can say that I was impressed with @HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and hate the idea that there will be no new episodes until spring of 2012. Particularly if the world comes to an end. I tried filling the void with the “Borgias” on @SHO but it is slow and the characters are prickly. I don’t feel any connection with the characters and the development of the characters has been non-existent. It seems like it is a camera following strangers around as they do things.

So I moved along to Camelot (@camelot_starz) from our friends at @starz_channel. I’m enjoying it for the most part as I rush to catch up before the new season starts. @DirecTV has the first season available until July 7th, 2011 so I am rushing through them only to be displaced by my rush to finally finish up the 3rd season of @TrueBloodHBO. I am working on that with the most haste even though I have it on Blu-ray.

So that is what I am working on as far as pay TV series viewing, as for anything on network TV, nothing. FX does continue to impress as does IFC. As for what I have set to DVR it looks something like this:

Tosh.O (@danieltosh)

Jon Benjamin Has a Van (to make up for no Archer)

Louis (@cklouis)



Ugly Americans

Sons of Guns (bring on the hate tweets)


That is a few highlights from the to do list.

I did miss UFC132 but will grab the replay soon. Instead I watched and tweeted about the boxing match between Klitschko and Haye… you can check my tweets about that disaster.

Enjoy your 4th for those of you in the US and the rest of you have a fine day. I will be living the high life (sarcasm) in a box at the New Orleans Zephyrs game to take in some baseball and fireworks.

By the way, I added a new widget as an experiment which will let you know what wine I am drinking as I update them on – let me know what you think.

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