Not Guilty: Coupable, but legally not guility. #CaseyAnthony

The issue with Casey Anthony isn’t that she wasn’t responsible for her daughter’s death, it is that the prosecution couldn’t keep up with the reasonable doubt presented by Jose Baez.

I also am positive that Baez told Casey’s parents “you’ve already lost your granddaughter do you want to be responsible for losing your daughter?”

Lots of people to be angry at about this… but not the judicial system.

1. The fact is simple, the gaffs by the prosecution were under-reported and the attacks on #JoseBiaz were over hyped.
2. The jury had people on it who said plainly that they were against the death penalty
3. The facts presented to the jury were so purely circumstantial that it was pretty clear any reasonable doubt would torpedo the case

So what for #CaseyAnthony? Frankly, I could give a shit.

Honestly, I only bothered writing anything about this because everyone else found it important, not because I did.

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