Finite Number of Horror Movies? Legislated Morality.

Anyone who is into watching horror movies of any real substance knows that there are a few that stand out and are truly disturbing to viewers over the age of 14. Recently it occurred to me that I was having a harder and harder time finding quality movies in this genre to watch. Part of this surely has to do with my nightly ritual of watching films with vampires, zombies, demons, and generally evil things. I say that because you can only keep this up for so long before you are punching out before you even get more than 20 minutes into them.

Why has it become so difficult for even marginal quality horror films to be made in the US?

If you refer to my previous post you can get an idea for what I have a tendency to believe. The fact is, when you cannot show graphic violence with strong sexual content (even if it is not actual sex.) Some of the most distressing things that can be done in a horror movie involve torture and humiliation, things often involving nudity or the sexual organs.

I found it to be a huge thing that in Halloween that Rob Zombie showed bloody tits, but I can promise it would have had an X rating if there was any sexual acts portrayed  in the film. Subjects can be referenced but never can they be shown. Theater of the mind? No, de-facto censorship. There are films that are high quality beautifully shot that come from the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Here we are the United States of America, home of freedom yet we abide by legislated codes of morality. There are counties where you cannot drink, states where anal sex is illegal, states where oral sex is illegal. It is even being called into question whether or not images that show men or women who are of legal age but look under age are legal to posess.

Why have we lost our ability to do certain things that would seem to be legal elsewhere, but here in the land of liberty they are not. The fact is we are being held to Puritanical standards to this day, and the far right is even working for it to be even more controlled. The more freedoms we allow to slip away, the more people who we elect who believe in putting on a false face to get re-elected and cater to the religious right who in their private time are doing things that their constituents would lynch them about. Funnier still is the fact that most of the crazy morality junkies and bible thumpers (coran thumper, etc) are often so in favor of these things to hide their own true feelings.

Me thinks they do protest too much.

Welcome to the world we have allowed to be created around us, the country we have allowed to become oppressive towards us, welcome to Legislated Morality.

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