Concealed Carry Harassment by Canton, Ohio PD

First, take the time to watch this:


This is what you get when shitty cops have no idea what the law is… and police officers are unable to control their emotional state so they can do their jobs properly.

When an “officer of the peace” says “”I should have pulled my Glock 40 and put 10 shots in your ass” you know there is a rage issue.

This is the CCW Handbook from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Website:

This is an exerpt from page 16:

“• Before the officer approaches, roll down your window and place your hands in plain view on the steering wheel.

• Calmly tell the officer that you have a license to carry a concealed handgun and that you have a handgun with you. Ask if the officer has particular instructions concerning the handgun.

• Do not touch or attempt to touch your handgun unless specifically told to by the officer.

• Do not exit your vehicle unless specifically told to by the officer.

• Comply with all lawful orders given by the officer.”

Basically what you have here is a man who was pulled over on suspicion of solicitation. First off, lets be serious, having a gun if you are picking up a hooker probably isn’t the worst idea in the world anyway however illegal it is. However, it was suspicion of solicitation. Key word there, suspicion. The officer was initially pissed off at the woman he believed to be the prostitute. His emotions were already far too high and his temper was already blown through the roof.

Once good and lathered up at the alleged hooker, he has the driver step out who has a license to carry a concealed weapon permit issued by the state of Ohio. Having been certified in many states to carry a concealed weapon and doing some research, the man did nothing wrong and was clearly trying to identify that he was carrying, licensed to carry, and had the license to carry in his hand when asked to step out of the car.

Patrolman Daniel Harless

The officer told the man that he was going to “get a felony” for not telling him about the handgun, which is incorrect. This is from page 15 of the CCW Handbook from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Website:

“Violating this law is a first degree misdemeanor and may result in the suspension of the person’s concealed handgun license for two years. However, if at the time of the stop the law enforcement officer or an employee of a motor carrier enforcement unit who made the stop
had actual knowledge that the licensee has had a CCW license, then the person’s CCW license shall not be suspended for a violation of 2923.16 (E) (3). The CCW licensee’s violation will be considered a minor misdemeanor.”

I can tell you that the CCW classes I have taken have been taught by FBI and local PD, and in every instance they have said it is better not to say anything until you are asked to step out of the car. Most systems (including Ohio) that the police use will flag someone with a CCDW permit. I know this for a fact, since I know a number of Ohio police officers. In fact one of them actually told me that if he sees the flag that he asks the person if they are carrying and is ticked if they are not.

Here is a thread from Ohioans for Concealed Carry where they discuss this dash-cam video.

The guy may be a dumbass, God knows I have seen enough people in courses who I don’t believe should be carrying… even cops I know who shouldn’t, remember this one from the DEA shooting himself in the leg during a demonstration in a school?


Very simply put, some parishes / counties have a Sheriff who is opposed to citizens carrying. They pass that along to their officers and this is what can and far too often does come from it. Not to mention this cop clearly needs to work on his ability to control his rage and thus the situation.

Here is a good article with more information from

Daniel Harless is suspended now, but I am sure he will not lose his job for this… although he should in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Harassment by Canton, Ohio PD

  1. Billiards Boy

    the cop’s reaction was clearly out of control. I’m sure that it would be very frustrating dealing with situations like that all day long but that is his job. If he can’t hack it then he needs to find something else to do. He sounded like a loaded machine gun ready to pull the trigger.


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