Movie Review: Mutants (fr)

It has become increasingly clear that in order to find a horror movie worth watching that you have to broaden your horizons and read subtitles. That is because the only worthwhile horror movies to speak of these days are trickling out of non-English speaking countries. France, Germany, and even Japan have found a real passionate interest in the gruesome and disturbing film.

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In this case the French have come through with a solid, cleanly shot and produced film called Mutants. This is a fine movie to watch and check out for a bit, while you find what could be a side story from the movie 28 Days Later but set in the mountains of France. The participants are clear that there is an epidemic and that there are zombies running around looking for a fresh kill. This leads me to an aside…
* Aside – What ever happened to Zombies and brains? Have you noticed that in the past 10-20 years the average zombie has abandoned his bread and butter, brains? There always was such a big deal made of the stereotypical zombie wanting to eat brains and then all of a sudden, not so much. Did they grow tired of them? Do the people behind the coming zombie apocalypse know something new about the terror they are planning to release and this is how they are prepare us for it? – End Aside *

This film is worth a watch, it has its moments of typical zombie movie plot points but it is well made and you do have a chance to build some bit of sympathy for the principal characters (although I didn’t, but I am sure more caring people would.) This is actually based around a heroine and thus I could damned near call this a zombie horror chick flick of sorts. She isn’t your typical running scared type of woman usually seen in zombie flicks, but she is definitely not Alice from the Resident Evil films.

So put on your glasses, not the 3D kind just the ones you geeks wear (guilty) and watch this.

I am giving it a 6/10

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