Beware: 10 Brutally Honest Political Observations

I thought I would spend a little time laying out some of my political observations. Mainly to vent, but possibly to educate.

1. The position of President has been more or less a ceremonial one since Bill Clinton left office.

Eye-Candy Palin

2. George W. Bush tried to use the Ronald Regan technique of surrounding himself with the smartest guys in the room, problem being he must have been in the wrong room.

3. Sarah Palin is being used by the republican party to distract the masses from the serious lack of viable talent that are in the GOP stables, and to bring over some of the extremists in the tea party… well, and those who just think she is hot or what I call the eye candy factor.

4. The Democratic Party has adopted a self preservation technique of convincing the people of the United States of America believe that they cannot survive without having government intervention in every aspect of their lives. They are addressing the behaviors of the lowest common denominator in our country, and applying policies that they believe would curtail their inability to make good decisions.

5. Nancy Pelosi is so surprised that she has been given any power whatsoever that she is in a constant state of disbelief, feeling over her head, but refusing to admit it. In order to survive she has latched onto the ideas of those who influence the President of the United States Barrack Obama.

6. President Obama could possibly be in denial about his socialist beliefs. I think it could be a real possibility that he is unable to accept that he could be a socialist although he was raised by radical crusading socialists. If he did take a moment to sit down and think about things, he would have to realize that his concepts of wealth re-distribution, an overpowering communist style central government (please, look up the difference between socialism and communism so you understand what I am saying), and abandoning the principles that this democratic republic was founded on all are signs that he is not one who represents the ideals that this country was founded upon.

7. The Republicans ran McCain and Palin on the same ticket so they could lose, so Obama could win, and they would have the ability to use the failures they anticipated he would have to gain control of Congress. It has nearly worked, they got the House. Problem is, Palin got some steam and was elevated to a level of quasi-legitimacy that has allowed her to remain in the media’s consciousness. Its a shame McCain was chosen as the patsy by the party.

8. Presidential elections do NOT draw the best people to the table because they do not want to have their lives totally exposed and probed to through the media and the opposing party who will invariably go after anything that could be an embarrassment. Let’s be serious, the kind of President we need is not what we are getting. The only people we are getting to choose from that have a chance of winning (sorry Libertarian Party) are egomaniacs, ignoramuses, and people who have led such a boring and unrealistic life that they are willing to risk running.

9. Far too many of the people in our country who have the right to vote, do not have the intellect or independent information to make a smart and informed decision. I recall the woman saying she voted for Obama because she believed it meant she wouldn’t have to pay for gas for her car or her mortgage… remember?


Running for President isn’t something serious or issue related or about finding a strong leader, it is about making your candidate into a rock star and getting a solid Q-rating.


10. The Libertarian Party is basically the most common party that people would align themselves with if they knew what they stood for politically. You talk to Dems or Repubs and ask them for their stance on the issues and the LPO generally covers more of their beliefs than either of the two major parties. Take the quiz yourself:

1 thought on “Beware: 10 Brutally Honest Political Observations

  1. Brad McConahay

    Sorry for the length of this comment, but your post is very thoughtful and I want to give you honest feedback on why somebody who has given a lot of thought and research to this can’t go with the Libertarian Party.

    I agree with a lot of 1 through 9, and although I could be nit-picky on some of it, I think #10 is the main point of your article.

    When first hearing about the Libertarian Party years ago, I was optimistic. Unfortunately, learning what the LP stands for is exactly what made me realize it’s a party of extreme and unrealistic ideas. If you look at the party platform at — specifically parts of items 1.6, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, and 3.3 — it’s like they don’t remember how we got to our current state of government overreach and erosion of personal liberties in the first place. Over the last century and a half, we’ve been trying to ease the equally bad problems of totally unbridled Capitalism and lack of regulation that existed in the first place. They seem to feel that total localization and private industry can fix almost everything, and while that would be nice, history (and maybe common sense) shows that human ambition works equally bad at either extreme. At any extreme.

    In a general sense, I agree with many, maybe even most Libertarian Party ideas. Things like the Patriot Act, Eminent Domain, war mongering, government handouts, forced redistribution of wealth, et al., are frustrating. But that doesn’t mean a complete leap to the opposite extreme, a la Ayn Rand, is any better.

    Honestly, the LP platform seems like the same overly simplistic all-or-nothing approach usually associated with conservatives and the Republican Party. It doesn’t address or understand gray area at all. It definitely attracts reactionary people, but I don’t think you’re going to attract any centrists or moderates who feel that a true balance of economic systems is a good thing, and that solutions to problems are dependent on the merits of each situation.

    As it sits, I don’t feel any closer to the Libertarian Party than any other. In my opinion, an immediate jump to that platform would set us back years as a society. It could definitely evolve into something I could get behind, and I’ll keep watching it, but it has a long way to go.



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