Serene Branson, CBS Reporter Stroking It at the Grammys?

If you haven’t seen this it is worth it. Whatever it was, a burst of speaking in tongues foretelling the coming apocalypse, a few spoonfuls of meth added to her coffee instead of sugar, or a stroke this is something you just don’t see happen all the time. Watch this (as long as YouTube hasn’t pulled it yet)


I have been producing a live shot where the talent was actually hit with pepper spray, and the 80 pound, 4’2″ waif was able to make it through and throw it back to the studio. So when something like this happens, you know that the videographer is the one more likely to be nearly stroking out and the director.

According to CBS it wasn’t a stroke. Well so they said after it posted the video on YouTube and embeded it into the story I am about to link to seems to have then complained to YouTube about copyright infringement so it was removed? You have to love CBS logic, maybe that is what made Serene Branson’s brain cramp. Here is the link.

3 thoughts on “Serene Branson, CBS Reporter Stroking It at the Grammys?

  1. TwitMediaCritic Post author

    People are suggesting this may be a glitch in the Matrix. Personally I wonder if she is a Stepford Wife who had a power surge.

  2. TwitMediaCritic Post author

    Well I see that #CBS has now pulled the link to yet another video of the woman having her ‘episode’

    What the fuck are they hiding?

  3. TwitMediaCritic Post author

    Here is a link from the UK it may last awhile longer.

    I am sure the lawyers are scrambling on the chance that it could be drug related… OR maybe she was in-fact, a robot housewife? The truth slipping out about the great AI experiment gone wrong!!! I Am sure Jesse Venture will do a “Conspiracy Theory” on it.


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