Review: “Sons of Guns” – Kinder, Gentler “American Chopper”

Imagine all the bullshit, hostility, anger, and family drama sucked out of American Chopper. You are left with a fairly shaky concept for a show. Think about it, all they do is build motorcycles themed for some company who wants to cash in on some free TV time on the show. Let’s be serious, those of us who are actual riders look at those bikes and don’t see bikes for bikers, they see artwork. I am kind of embarrassed for the Tuttles, you want to see people with a passion for bikes and riding look elsewhere. The old man may have been a biker at one time, but he is no longer.

Thankfully we now we have a show that the Discovery Channel has come up with that is based around a subject that is at least (if not more) bad-ass. If you haven’t taken some time to watch “Sons of Guns” set your DVR now. I will wait…

I’m serious, get your ass up now and go set your damned DVR and record this show.

Will Hayden

You have a former Marine who is the antithesis of Paul Sr, you have his kid who is a hot tramp (said lovingly) with black nail polish, and a crew of guys who are down to earth and love what they are doing. What they are doing is making weapons of all sorts.

Sons of Guns” is based around ‘Red Jacket Firearms‘ a custom weapon shop based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. *as an aside, I think that fact alone makes them more laid back and less pompous than the boys from “American Chopper”* This is a show about genuinely good people with no bullshit who do things that are amazing with everything from pistols to flamethrowers.

I believe this show has legs as long as people get behind it, and if you watch it you will be behind it. It’s also not a bad thing that it is 30 minutes long currently. I think it is a good way to get people hooked and then they can expand shooting and take the show to an hour.

Let’s be serious, you can only see so many similar marketing tools… I mean motorcycles… being built. However, weapons? Not an assembly line of putting parts together to make a bike (sorry, not a chopper) for Subway or Tampax, but interesting hands on customization of weapons and actual invention of new technology.

Great show, no bullshit.

Here is a video of the main man Will Hayden’s daughter / business manager Stephanie shooting one of their weapons.


And here is another promo shot of Steph, just because:

Daughter of Guns - Steph


My rating 4/5 (for the show, Steph too)

8 thoughts on “Review: “Sons of Guns” – Kinder, Gentler “American Chopper”

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  2. SOG sux

    really? You like this show, a show filled with a bunch or moronic people, hacking up guns, unlike a true gunsmith that would never use a dremel for EVERYTHING!!! A snaggle toothed girl for eye candy and a bunch of pathetic statements coming out of wills mouth like “this gun will kill you and everyone around you” refering to the runaway tommy gun, and “lets unleash hell,” Just makes me cringe knowing that some idiots watching will think its cool.

    I stopped watching after that, but I see commercials and he was shot with a rocket, set the woods on fire with a .50 cal incendiary round, shooting flares outside his shop to piss off the neighbors is real good to show people, and now he is making a multi tube rocket stand to scare pirates??? REALLY, try and SCARE pirates, what kind of idiots do you think we are will??? you need to become a ditch digger and leave the real gun work to professionals.

  3. SOG sux sux

    First of all it wasn’t an incendiary round it was a tracer round. Completely different things my friend. Secondly, every gun smith in this country will have some type of dremel in their shop.

  4. bap

    This show is mostly an ad for red jacket. The rest is BS. Who would buy anything they make after watching the show? Lets look at the last show for example. Some “soldier” walks in with his “M16A2” that Red Jacket built for him and asks for another just like it plus a dual mount for a river boat. “BS” How many machine gun mounts do we already have in the military that they would use for this? What soldier would not use an FN machine gun for his pick of weapons on a river boat instead of an assault rifle? What soldier can go buy his own machine gun? “BS BS BS BS” Oh, what about the guys C0? An officer in army/navy surplus camo with no unit patches, or rank insignia anywhere. It is a redneck comedy at best.
    Modern weapon suppressors are engineered not this BS red jacket style of washers in a tube.

  5. TwitMediaCritic Post author

    I think if we are serious then we all know that all shows wrapped around a company (American Choppers, Monster Garage, American Hot Rod, all the way over to things like Top Chef, these are all advertisements. That is what crossover promotion has come to these days. There was a time that it was a coincidence (long time ago) that a Marlboro billboard was in the background of a shot in a movie, these days that spot was sold. Hell we even see it in video games.

    We watch things for the basic, prurient, entertainment factor of them. Many people enjoy watching things go boom, why do you think people (myself included) watch Tank Overhaul?

  6. MissTreas

    Mr. TwitMediaCritic: I love this show! I totally agree with your review and couldn’t have said it better! I have discovered that shooting and gun collecting is my preference (rather than shopping, like most women) I feel like a bad a** everytime I leave the range, and this show really educates me on all the different types of guns 😉

    1. p309

      I watched this a couple of times, as I’m an avid shooter. I had to cringe at all of the grinding and cutting going on, with no safety glasses or ear protection on the operator (grinders are LOUD). In any event, it sure made me doubt their professionalism…

      1. TwitMediaCritic Post author

        I too am a lifelong shooter. I think though that much of what you see is based on video shot exclusively for editing the show together. Think about Norm Abrams and his New Yankee Workshop, they removed all the guards and things in order to shoot better video. I think that is the main thing.

        I also know (living in Louisiana) that things are much more laid back here, it can be seen as a lack of professionalism but it is more of a cultural difference.


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