Movie Review: “The Road”

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Sometimes you find yourself watching a film that you had no idea existed. The fact is, while flipping through the maze of pay-tv channels I saw a familiar face. Who was that face? This one. Viggo Mortensen, aka Aragon from the “Lord of the Rings” movies. Mind you, although I am aware that the first in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films are airing on pay-tv right now (ok, not just aware but have watched it a few times (again)) I do believe the end of the world concept usually grabs my attention as it did here.

I would say this film is geared towards fathers, but not so much of a father/son movie. I say this because of the way that the mother in the film… well, lets say that she wasn’t in anything but flashbacks.

Honestly, this film was well done and the story kept moving without that usual lull that most have become accustomed to finding in these type of films. I am not sure how many of you took in the other apocalyptic movie of 2009 with Denzel Washington called “The Book of Eli” but this is in a similar category. I personally thought that film was not too bad, but I felt that both had endings that were a bit too positive feeling.

My issue with such endings is very simple, they seem to put a pretty bow on the carnage and human suffering that the movie based itself around. I realize that American audiences are incapable of leaving a movie theater satisfied unless it is a happy ending, or some semblance of one. However, that doesn’t mean it makes a movie better. Sometimes movies with a negative concept need to carry through the end. Foreign films seem to do a better job of this, probably since they are used to war in their streets and the harsh reality that is true, life changing upheaval.

Personally if I want to watch happy endings I will watch something on Playboy TV or the like. Or I will go to the book by that name “Happy Endings” by comedian Jim Norton. Both of which are obscene and filthy, just like I want my happy endings to be.

However, speaking of PBTV, I hear Playboy has fallen on hard (ha ha) financial times. Look for a post soon about that.

So, as for “The Road” I say it is well worth the watch particularly for dads and maybe their teenage sons. (Oh Uncle Paul)

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