Borderland: Be Careful Spring-Breakers Headed to Mexico

Movie Poster: BorderlandIf you thought Montezuma’s revenge and intensely violent drug wars were not enough of a deterrent to a Mexican vacation for spring break, how about watching this movie based on a true crime case.

Borderland is a horror movie that got some bit of hype in the non-mainstream film world, but was more or less ignored otherwise much to the detriment of those who didn’t take time to go looking for it.

I will get to the moral of the story, it is fairly simple… avoid Mexico. There are plenty of other places where you can get a tan and end up seeing a donkey show. Sure, your US dollars may not go as far but it beats being cut into bits.

This is a good dramatic thriller with a sadistic/Satanism (yes both) theme. I am sure if you took the time to watch this and you were into the horror genre that you should find some sort of enjoyment in this. It reminds you that there are terrible things in this world, evil things, and that you can bump into them without realizing it.

6/10 is the rating for this dark work.

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