“Carriers” (2009)

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Watched ‘Carriers‘ with Chris Pine of the new incarnation of the #StarTrek films last night. This film was directed by the tag team of Àlex and David Pastor.

I tweeted the comment ‘Airborne toxic event movie, so to speak’ and that is the gist of the film. Going into it I was looking for a zombie movie, if you are… this is not such a film. There are zombiesque ‘people’ staggering around, but they are mainly harmless other than if they breathe on you or you come in contact with any of their bodily fluids you will soon join their ranks.

Sometimes you bump into a movie you had no idea about and are truly surprised and pleased. That was the case with this one. The cast was solid full of real actors including the actor I cannot break myself from thinking is gay after he played Chris Keller in “Oz”. Of course I am referring to Christopher Meloni, who is a really solid actor.

This movie is worth your time, as of today it is on NetFlix on demand.

I give it a 7/10

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