An Overloaded Twitter Whale… BP at Fault?

BP Oil Soaked Twitter Whale

If you haven’t been paying attention, the social media flavor of the past year or so ( has been having some capacity issues. Recently they claimed the service was inaccessible due to network equipment (not the application or the servers.)

Once again, Tuesday evening it was down… when I had some important micro-blogging to do! So here I am macro-blogging about my inability to micro-blog. What is the world coming to?

When you get an error message that the site is overloaded you get a drawing of a few birds trying to fly along with a whale. Could this actually be true? Is this what is happening? Is this coming from BP’s inability to control their oil well and now they have fouled the whale that is Twitter? I find that the image they use of the whale is a white one, Ahab anyone? Maybe for advertisers and those trying to make legitimate money from the service.

But I say we blame it on the British, blame it on BP, it is more interesting that way. See look, the water is black from the oil and the birds clearly are weakened from being oil soaked. It would be much more interesting blaming BP than doing what Twitter did last time blaming ‘network equipment’. Does make me wonder who makes their networking equipment, is it a British company? Is there a possibility that our ‘ally’ is actually making a very well orchestrated effort to destroy our country? I mean first the Gulf Coast and now Twitter?

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