Unemployment Rates Up, Teen Pregnancy Up, Liquor Sales Up

Deepthroating Beer BottleI am dumbfounded by what is either a lack of a firm grounding in reality or a refusal to admit to a negative reality.

The national news has been talking all day about the rate of teen pregnancy rising. Well, no shit? A similar dialogue was in full swing earlier this month when it was found that hard liquor sales were up. Really?

They can interview every expert they can get to speak on this, they can spin it however they choose to based on their journalistic agenda, and they can try to tell us that this is about too few ads about abstinence but the truth is obvious. There are no jobs, people’s income is threw the floor or lower, so what are people going to do? Are they going to focus on responsible behavior? Are they going to think critically and conform to what those in their ivory towers (and white houses) tell them they should do?

In a word, no. They will get drunk and fuck. It is that simple. Why? To forget. So many people are lost in their own agendas, their own little words, and can only understand things from their own perspective. They expect everyone to see things their way, and if they do not then they are wrong, or lost, or are in need of being ‘re-educated’.

Wait, did I just slide into a Tim Tebow rant? It is all the same thing, isn’t it?

People, when the going gets tough the tough get going. What do the 99% of the rest of the people do, the non-tough? They find a bottle of escape and if they can, they find a carnal experience with whomever they can get to oblige them. Poverty is something people want to escape. If you cannot get out you do whatever you can to make your reality tolerable.

Sure, it isn’t that simple. Nothing is, but lets be serious people. If you’re a kid and your parents are stressed out and unavailable even more so than normal, you have no cash because you can’t even get a foot in the door kind of job, and it’s tv and board games or sex and booze. What do you think they will choose? What would you?

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