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Access HollywoodI took about a minute and a half out of my life this evening to watch the intro for Access Hollywood. I realize TMZ is the flavor of the day as far as these kinds of shows go, but I ended up on the local affiliate that has AH on following the network news.

There have been times in my life where I have been critical of myself for putting my head in the sand and avoiding things that will make me further question what possible good can come from most of the people of this planet alive and breathing. I tell myself to not be so elitist and nihilistic, I try very hard not to be.

Every so often though, I do allow myself to watch and listen in horror to popular culture staples like AH. Why? Sometimes I think I need to be re-energized so I can be the negative, angry, aging curmudgeon that I strive to be. In this case, I honestly was curious what the mass of human cattle that we call civilization is finding to be important. Things like AH, TMZ, Dancing with the Stars, and the most despicable show ever American Idol (which I push so far to the back of my mind that I actually had to look up the name of the show by doing a google search for Paula Abdul.)

It is simple. We are distracted by the simple and insignificant bullshit that goes on around us because it is the only thing that the majority of the mongrel hoards can understand. It is a constant game of slight of hand between the people up the food chain and us below. When you don’t want the people to rise up and say enough of the government waste, of oppression, of a lack of personal responsibility you point a light at something shiny and distract the majority of them from what is really important.

I also blame the ignorance and under-education of far too many of us. You can’t be mad about deficit spending and counter intelligence if you cannot even comprehend it.

Someone out there has to be interested and have the resources to help these morons. Maybe though, like me, they just don’t have much faith that even if they are given a chance to understand that they would bother.

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