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UC's Latest Billboard #Fail

UC's Latest Billboard #Fail

Tell me, what was the first thought you had when you read that? I saw Con, Quer Ed, Con Quer…

This is yet another fine example of the wasted effort the University of Cincinnati makes on advertising. I have attached a photo of this billboard (one of many around the city) and I would like to know what you see when you first read the sign.

Wasted advertisement is one thing, but advertising in a way that conjures ‘Queer Ed’ and ‘Con Queer’ does the opposite of what I would imagine they are trying to do. People get paid money, good money, to come up with ad campaigns for UC and this is what we get as a result? Have you seen the HORRIBLE commercials that UC has to air during nationally aired sporting events?

There are very talented alumni who should be tapped to develop a new marketing campaign to celebrate the end of the Zimpher era, the explosion of UC football, and the outstanding educational environment is just the most basic foundation to build on.

Come on UC, if we are going to make a shot at being a big time nationally recognized school lets go into it knowing how best to present ourselves and ready to show it off professionally.

1 thought on “Un Con Quer Ed

  1. MyCoffeeIsCold

    every time I see this damned billboard I get more and more disappointed with the haphazard way that UC addresses it’s PR. it reminds me of the debacle that graduation and commencement has always been, I will not get into the details of my complaints but lets say that they never listened to the right people.


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