An Open Letter to Media Outlets Who Air Viewer Opinions

Dear media outlets:

Stop trying to make people feel more involved in your news reporting. Soliciting the comments of users and then reading them to your viewers is not reporting the news, it is reporting opinions. Usually opinions of uninformed, ignorant, morons.

Don’t you get it?

Your biggest issues with being trusted to deliver accurate information has centered around you injecting your opinions into the new you report.

So what do you do? You inject the opinions of the mass of human cattle that you call viewers who write in to share their opinion?

Report the news, the facts as best you can find them and verify them. If we want opinions we will seek them out elsewhere.

Thank you.

1 thought on “An Open Letter to Media Outlets Who Air Viewer Opinions

  1. MyCoffeeIsCold

    As a follow-up, WCPO-TV just ran a poll for their 5PM news asking people what their thoughts were on the Vatican Newsletter giving props to Homer Simpson. Yes, a non-story to begin with that is then re-visited taking up at least one minute of news time reading comments like, “Wow I am speechless”

    Seriously people.


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