Fuck AT&T “U-Verse” – A Rant

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So I went looking to see if I could get MLB Extra Innings added to my U-Verse account, as I was told I could do by the sweet little black thing that came by selling door to door in the middle of a rain storm. Damned shame I didn’t get her email address… anyway…

Can’t find shit online but people bitching about it not being available, but this was as of 2008 and the implications were that it was coming. Well, sorry no MLB Extra Innings showing up as an option online. In fact the piece of shit website for U-Verse kept blowing up, not even letting me see a channel guide for God’s sake.

So I fill out a survey that popped up, jumping through the hoops in the 30 fucking question survey to tell them they suck. Oh, and if you gave negative ratings it popped up sub questions… nice way to get negative respondents to say fuck it and cancel the survey.

It suggests I talk to an online chat rep… since they don’t have 24 hour phone support. I hit the chat button and wait, clearly I am connecting to some poor douche in India somewhere. He comes on to the chat and even with templated responses he still cannot type proper English. I ask him, hey… can I get #MLB Extra Innings? The templated response is something like ‘helping you, wait moment for please’ (no shit)

7 minutes later, he says it is “not available in my area” well fuckers it isn’t available in any area with U-Verse.

So I sign off with this kind message: “This makes me wonder why I agreed to leave #Directv after better than 10 years, no MLB and no NFL.”

I do some other things for awhile, talk with some company in the house, and go to browse the pay channels… “Not Authorized”

Do what? I am paying a few hundred a month and I am not authorized now?

I go to the account manager through the TV, since it won’t work online, and they DO NO HAVE 24 HOUR SUPPORT… it says I have the lowest level package and it is the Latino package.

THIS FUCKING DIPSHIT is 10000 miles away and decides to fuck with me because I was pissed that I couldn’t get a service promised to me by one of their reps? I didn’t curse, I didn’t attack him, or his culture (sure I thought it, but I didn’t type it) and he fucking pulls this stunt?

Needless to say, I sheepishly called Directv and they are coming Wednesday to install the premier package I had before, plus Sunday Ticket (if the #NFL plays), and MLB Extra Innings.

Tomorrow when AT&T opens and answers the phones, I will demand a fucking American representative and explain what happened and demand they get their shit out of my house and eat their bill.

In summation:

Directv: 8/10 (would be 9/10 if they worked out shit with Tivo)
AT&T U-Verse: 2/10


7 thoughts on “Fuck AT&T “U-Verse” – A Rant

  1. TwitMediaCriticNo Gravatar Post author

    DirecTV is back in the home and I was moved along to AT&T’s ‘escalation team’ speaking with a lovely lady named Karen. She is working on my disconnect from U-Verse, which is such a cluster fuck that she and I have been talking daily to get it done.

  2. Steve LeeNo Gravatar

    ATT Uverse is a PLAGUE on humanity, they will LIE and say you can’t switch back to DSL which is BS as my neighbor just did, she went to comquack and got screwed then back to ATT because there truly is no choice thanks to the IDIOTS in DC that are getting bribed by the utility companies

    with 12MB I can’t even watch streaming video without it buffering all the time WTF ATT you suck a bag of dicks

    1. Miss Davidson

      Unfortunately as of mid-year 2011 Telco is no longer switching voice users back to DSL. Not even those who have grandfathered accounts with At&t as the goal is to phase out as much of the DSL customer pool as possible. 🙁

  3. Miss Davidson

    Dear former customer,

    As an Operations Manager for At&t UVERSE at the time of your unfortunate incident I would like to apologize for the shitty service. Unfortunately around the time you had this service we downsized from 24 hour tech support to have our night support picked up by one of our India sites. However, we do have a skeleton crew in the states that take the IT calls from customers that demand to speak to American reps.
    It is also unfortunate that I was not the one to receive your NETSAT survey ( which figures into the yearly evaluation and raises of every agent and manager ). If I had, being considered a lovely black girl as well, I would have bent over …. backwards to fix your issue and compensated well for your troubles.

    Horrified at your bad experience,

    Ayona 😉

  4. AlbertoNo Gravatar

    i agree on saying FUCK AT&T!!! i just got UVerse in less than a month and now it’s not working anymore! they must have given me some shitty stuffs! fuck service!

  5. henryNo Gravatar

    The stupid motherfkers from the movie Idiocracy could provide a more functional network than these hacks at AT&T. I See the message boards on their support blogs with dozens of pissed off costomers and theres ALWAYS some fucking ATT REP green answer cirtified(whatever the fuck thats supposed to mean) DOUCHBAG who’s always got something fkn smart to say to make it seem like its US the costumers falt. thell say sum stupid shit like :well have you considered how much bandwidth your using?? well no dua.. or how many devices im useing. Its ONE fkn device these dipshits are the absolute scum of the earth.


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