Review: Deadpool – ‘I went balls deep, in #Deadpool.’

Deadpool-Bad-Ass-PosterAfter all the hype and anticipation #Deadpool is out there. Out there like the crabs, you know it could be bad but not getting into it would surely be worse.

I went balls deep, in #Deadpool.

Happily I emerged unscathed and satisfied. While I did get around to seeing it late, it was well worth my time. There are so many pieces to the character that you know that they cannot really put a mega-movie together and go full on twisted. To that end yes, I was correct. The character cannot be a complete maniac and still have a broad-enough appeal to the movie going, popcorn chewing masses. So if you were expecting loads of, well bathroom humor, you won’t find it. However there is some quite literal bathroom humor (mixed with a prolonged view of Ryan Reynold‘s bare ass.)

So the crassness level was tamped down a bit. What about the violence? I can say that it wasn’t be on the level of something like the original Robocop, but beyond that of a typical X-Men movie. The fight scenes are well staged, interesting, and varied. I say ‘varied’ because not all the violence comes from the fighting with some wrapped in the creation of #Deadpool himself.

ryanreynoldsThe humor we associate with many of Reyonld’s characters (Van Wilder, R.I.P.D., Blade Trinty, etc)  is present and fits well with what we are used to from DP. Sometimes it did feel a bit forced, and honestly I was not terribly happy to see that the trailers and commercials gave out so much of the random asides and mugging to the camera that is in the movie. You expect it of course, but it did take the punch out of its effect in the film. I would have been fine with the same scenes being used but the movie version having different dialogue. It would have been simple enough, the DUDE IS WEARING A FUCKING MASK.

So what we have here is an introduction to a character. A tamed down version of what DP fans have come to expect, but still a multidimensional character. Not what we have become used to from most ‘hero’ (anti) movies. As with most establishing type movies should do, it made me look forward to the next movie.

My last bitch about this movie was the ending. I am not a fan of happy endings, unless it is after a deep tissue massage… or a pedicure… or a car wash… anyway. But this had one. Will I get over it? Yes. Am I hoping it is to set off something devastating to being the sequel? Of course.

Go watch the damned movie if you have been a lazy ass like I was about it. It is well worth your time and you will enjoy yourself. If you don’t why would you ever read something I wrote?

7/10 rating – with much anticipation of the next installment.


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