Jack Harper: Oblivion – Blast your brains out.

Ok simple. If you are about 10 and watched (God forbid you READ any sci-fi) you could write this movie. All those ridiculous so called ‘turns of plot’ that you would want in the right spot are in the wrong spot. Ladies think of having your pussy licked aggressively at the navel and men, you cocks at your forehead.

This movie was as terrible as I expected. Please do the world a favor and do not waste your time watching it even though it is on the movie channels. Wow. Like a bad mash-up between ‘Earth to Echo’ meets ‘Planet of the Apes’ this sucked bags of dicks. Not surprising with #TomCruise in the lead, but seriously… wow. Kept waiting for the turn, but Universal cannot seem to understand we have at LEAST seen movies before let alone read LIT-ER-AT-URE before. Weak. Come on, yes… sci-fi-ish movies only have so much room to move but seriously?

Hit all the clich├ęs, put weak-ass #TomCruise in it and kinda make it sounds like ‘Jack Reacher’ with ‘Jack Harper’ and you have a dud. Who would’ve guessed. I did this movie out of boredom, please find something else to waste your boredom on. I’m looking out for you.



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