A Season Late: BBC America – “Black Mirror”

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

I would have come up with a more catchy, New York Post-type of headline for this but I am too damned tired to do so.

Simply put these are some things out of a modernist-Orwellian group of screen writers. They take the technology we have no and amplify it, give it the power that it might soon hold and give us short stories of how it could dramatically change culture. Things such as, oh something simple like the Internet.

For the most part I had ignored this series during it first and short first season and second season even since it aired well after it premiered in mainly in the UK and is now available for US consumption. Think of it like a Time Magazine cover, they feed the US non-sense to sell the rag while the world gets images of dead Syrian babies and the reality of life our borders.

The series was devised by Charlie Brooker. These are a series of what back in my days of ‘higher education” would be considered “morality tales” and/or “precautionary tales.” Considering I wear my Google Glass (#GoogleGlass) whenever possible to try and do my part to further the idea of seamless tech-human-life integration.  However this show takes things a considerable bit further (more like what Snowden says things are like). In particular I watched an episode where more or less our eyes and ears documented our daily activities using our eyes and easrs versus an ugly pair of glasses.

I am not sure why I a writing on this since in  #1984 much of what we deal with (mainly the negative) has come to fruition, yet it is greatly ignored. A cautionary tale, or for all we know what is far to close to what is actually happening in our lives with the NSA and other shadow/clandestine groups.

Let me just say, watching your girl fucking another guy through her eyes/a prime minister fucking a pig on TV to ‘save’ a princess’/a future American Idol/etc.

Worth a watch. 6/10



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