No Comments on Dear Delta… I WANT BIG FUCKING JETS

So once again I fly around the country in order to get from point A to point B. In the midst of all this flying around I enjoy the exercise of standing in line for the TSA, walking to the last gate in the terminal, changing planes during the layover, getting to a different terminal and then to the gate. Looking at the screen you realize that the gate you were told to go to has changes as you hike from one end of the damned airport to the other. Where is the plane now? Oh? Really? Back where in the terminal that I was in when I landed. Thanks.

Then there are the seats. Let’s make something clear, I am one of those people that even I get uncomfortable seeing coming down the isle. I am a big human being, overweight, yes… but I mean I am tall and wide. If you drew a straight line up from the arm rests of the seats my shoulders and arms would be a good 3 inches on either side. Then of course there is the dreaded window seat which means I can’t sit up straight and have to more or less put my head on the shoulder of the person in the seat next to me.

Use bigger fucking planes, bigger fucking seats, and allow people to fly comfortably. Your flights are never full anyway, just stop buying tiny Canadian jets designed for someone who is 5’6″ and 135 pounds. Give me a big fucking jet with room to move around. Hell even first class is cramped in most of your regional jets!


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